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Note: Sorry that I didn't put my original file because of the dA policy, and I promise to them. So if you watch the full version, just click the button. If it doesn't work, you can also this [link] Thank you! ^ ^

WARNING! The file was 2.6 mb! Just wait until the movie was completely loaded.

Finally, the waiting is over. This is my special that I made in WACOM tablet in 6 days! Well, maybe not detailed enough, so you be the judge to watch this.

This is to dedicated to all deviants who experience depression and frustration like me. I hope you relaxed and inspire this mini-special. So dream and fly high (or something like that)... ^^;

I have submit in Newgrounds. Please vote for 5! [link]
Thanks to the people who help me and spend time to suggest my work! ^ ^

Beta Testers

Thanks also for the deviant who note me and participate.
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dorkycats Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
'love this cute animation and the song. :iconlovecatplz:
Dancrew2010 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2011
Wow. I didn't know you're in love with an angel...But it's only a dream, right? If that dream was real, Your dream will come true. ^_^
zDragonGirlz Featured By Owner May 25, 2011
wow :D
Liliumi Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2010
aww so cute :3
killyouandme Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2007
ganda ng flash i mean beautiful flash heheheeheh
thunderfoxjt Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2007
Wow, beautiful, I'm glad I helped you out! ^^
Nick-Ian Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I enjoyed watching it! Really cute!
MummyMetaller Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow... This was fantastic! :clap:

If you can produce this kind of work in just 6 days; then what could you achieve in; say; a month?

:O_o: :faint:

*clicky* :+fav:
Silverbloodwing Featured By Owner May 2, 2007
I had dream very simular.
FandomSpike Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2007
This flash animation is very touching... @_@

I don't think that you've ever seen Pita Ten before, have you? Hope not.. its about a pink haired angel too 8D

Anyways, I love it!

sweetdream263 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2007
I wish, I could be you're angel... *far away look*
Swordsman826 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2006
I originally saw this on Newgrounds a while back. And I have to say, It's great. :+fav:
Elvan-Lady Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I like it a lot, but there are some perspective problems here and there... mainly during the flying, and a bit with the running.
kittykatmaniac Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2006  Student Filmographer
Doodley Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2006
LuckyButterfly-13 Featured By Owner May 31, 2006
Wow, That was awesome! :clap:
Shantella Featured By Owner May 14, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Simply brilliant! =D
yannie207 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2006
haha, ano yan?? promoting OPM? :laughing:
Nexus-Seraphim999 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2006
Wow...this is like wow. Without a doubt some of the smoothest flash animation I've ever seen. You have a load of talent and you put it to good use. I will add this to my faves.
YumiBoriqua Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2006
that was soooo great. Ilove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yokotei Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2006
it was beautiful!! ~ gets teary eyed~
HakuIceProgidy619 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2006
Great work man, voted 5 in NG, and Added to favourites here!
I'm happy I'm seeing alot more Pinoy Artists on DA than I thought there would be...
I'll be submitting art pretty soon... When I move and get a better computer (Gah the clones here are so crappy)...
deranged-monkey-man Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2006
very nice....very nice indeed...its a very well done flash...fluent and smooth all thru ...SWEEEETTTTT
Boogalo Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2006
there are a few mistakes, but otherwise, it came out wonderfully. I enjoyed it a lot. Do you know where I could get that song? :D
Korasia-Lady Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It came out beautifully ^_^ congrats!!!
GenesisZero Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2006  Hobbyist Artist
Good work j8d! You put a lot of effort into this.

And thanks for the credit!
DARTH-KANETAKER Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Very good job !!!
Stygians-Fool Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2006  Professional General Artist
mmh wait. Nevermind. I ended up being able to watch the newgrounds submission. Yush damn it yush x3

Aww...that's sweet ^_^;;
J8d Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2006
Hehe. Finally! XD

Thank you. ^ ^
Stygians-Fool Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2006  Professional General Artist
you're absolutely welcome hon. -halik ni kamatayan- x3 hahahaha
Stygians-Fool Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2006  Professional General Artist
umm..I can't even watch it. Something about high level security what so and then when I fixed that up it didn't even work.... Damn TT__TT....wahhh -goes off and cries-
AsianFlower Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very good!! How do you do the movements of hair so well???
J8d Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2006
Redrawn in different frame, in other words, I'm using frame by frame in hair and clothes.
CrystalRobot Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That is so sweet!
NeoSlashott Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
=D Parang alam ko na yung kantang yan ah! Orange and Lemons! xDD w00t!

It's a perfect song about dreaming with an angel. It's well smooth with FBF plus tweening animations... also running in the different angles are hard but it's really a great start. ;)

This is a well-deserved fave of the day. :heart: Okey toh ah! =D =D
J8d Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2006
Gusto ko sana kaso di aabot. T_T Di nila kilala Orange and Lemons. XD

Di bale, baka sa Newgrounds tsumamba. Sana nga, boto nila 5! ^ ^
NeoSlashott Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
I'm sure most DA/outside Filipinos will recognize that song....

something tells me I too have Newgrounds account with just one Hey-Arnold music video (ehhh, laging kulelat ang votes/reviews ko :dead: ) Well, good luck for submitting your flash. Who knows? ;) more peeps are gonna vote more there to those Flash Movies
J8d Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2006
Sana nga, di ako ma-BLAM! XD

Boto mo na lang ako. [link]
NeoSlashott Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Naboto ko na =D plus fave author/movies...

XD I've seen few jerks seems not liking it or trying to blam your flash... but don't worry. All you have to do is ignore them, simple enough :dead: At least you're new to NG
mchsflutegirl Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2006
alright that was awesome!!! *go philippines
TypoSvima Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
wow, this was really cool^^ :D
BBShadowCat Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow I really loved it!
Kari15 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2006
wow, that was so awesome. I am thinking about buying a tablet over the easter holidays when I go on vacation (Maybe this one won't download a virus to my comp. ^^U) Not that I am good at drawing...but hey, practice right? Well congrats on the wonderful flash :D Can't wait to see more of your art soon!
girlsamurai Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2006
so amazing!!!! I loved it! he ran kind of awkward but i'm sure it's hard on flash so i forgive you! lol
J8d Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2006
Yeah. It was so hard to draw an angle that difficult to drawn, especially when I use the WACOM.

Thanks! ^ ^
Parke-Chase Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2006  Student General Artist
I loved the flying scene. It gave me a very mystical feel
dra2k4 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2006  Hobbyist Writer
Newgrounds could do with more music videos. Especially brilliant ones like this one. :D
chaosstriker89 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2006
You thank God, I VOTE FIVE >O< :XD:

Nah, seriously, man, that was really pretty. I liked the song and how well it went along with the animation, it all flowed together simultaneously very nicely. For a six-day project, I have to say that that's something to be admired :nod: Really, really nice work. Keep it up =D

J8d Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2006
I hope so. ^ ^

Thanks for watching.
DJWill Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2006  Hobbyist Artist
Amazing!!!! :clap: =) :+fav:
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